Since 1953, Wilheit Packaging has provided quality packaging products, valued customer service, and just-in-time delivery to it’s customers, both within the local community and nationally, as well. Utilizing over 300,000 square feet of warehouse space from it’s bases in Gainesville, Atlanta and North Carolina, Wilheit Packaging is able to serve it’s customers by:

  • Shopping customer’s packaging requirements among a host of quality suppliers and producers
  • Warehousing these products per the customer’s purchase order for a specified, controlled period
  • Providing inventory control and guarantees of quality assurance
  • Delivering just-in-time, per the customer’s release, as his needs for packaging products dictate

These activities can provide the customer with:

  • Volume purchase savings
  • Release of the customer’s warehouse space to his own product’s use
  • Stretching of the packaging expense dollar over the entire fiscal period by paying incrementally as items are received
  • Savings by cash discounts taken on each order received.

We welcome the opportunity to serve your needs!

 Lines Distributed


  • Cartons   
  • VCI Paper   
  • D/C Foam
  • Singleface Polybags
  • Poly Liners

Food Processing

  • Cartons & Pad  
  • Waxed Cartons  
  • Pattie Boxes
  • Gilblet Wrap
  • Waxed Paper
  • Tape


  • Cartons / Partitions
  • Fanfold
  • End Caps
  • Corner Pads
  • Partitions Boxes


  • Bags
  • Tissue
  • Ribbon
  • Towels
  • Custom Supplies


  • Chemicals
  • Deodorizers
  • Can Liners
  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Disinfectants